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Lila Loves IT

Lila, a female Ridgeback,   inspired her owner in a unique way. The big floppy ears caused her some problems, and since no cortisone ointments helped against the rashes, her owner decided to develop one of the leading dog brands in the field of care and healthy nutrition. All products come from the Black Forest and meet the highest quality standards. We also only use these wonderful products for our grooming experience.


Our dog food

The usual LILA LOVES IT quality is also available for the bowl!

In line with the LILA LOVES IT philosophy, we combine the best of two worlds in our food: Whenever possible, we use natural, organic ingredients, but supplement them with minerals and vitamins that are useful and important for health.


Shampoo Shine & Comb

The SHAMPOO SHINE & COMB ensures uncomplicated cleaning and care of coat and skin. At the same time, your dog's skin is protected. Our shampoo cleans all types of fur with natural ingredients. Even long and demanding fur becomes easier to comb and shines in new splendor! It contains only the best oils and no PEG's, silicones or parabens.


Our first aid box

For at home and as a perfect companion when travelling: our FIRST AID BOX with the proven FIRST AID BALSAM and a SILVER SPRAY. The combination of these two top products make the set an indispensable companion and indispensable helper for every pet owner. This beautiful box made of tinplate is not only shockproof, but can also be used in many ways: eg as a water or food bowl.


The Painters Wife

Inspired  by the wives of the greatest painters of our time

The Painter's Wife stands for comfort and is proud of its production in Spain and in Portugal. "Made in Europe" stands for good working conditions and expressive creativity! We are sure that our four-legged friends will feel the quality, high-quality materials and the craftsmanship behind this dog clothing during everyday use. The special thing is that trying it on, thanks to the selected fabrics and elastic hems, whose yarn also comes from the oceans, is also great fun for the dogs!


William Walker

Gutes Bild 1.jpg

A whole new feeling of living together

Thanks to this unique studio from Hamburg,   we can present you with high-quality and timeless classics. Ceramics, the highest quality European nappa leather and loungers made from selected fabrics that have been designed with easy care and ergonomic standards in mind. Above all, our leather bones are better for the dental health of your darling than a new leather shoe. 

Gutes Bild 6.jpg
Gutes Bild 7.jpg

A factory like no other!

Aluminum… cushions with their own bounce…. Hand-strung with a fully recyclable material that has a taste that will keep dogs from biting it. And a replaceable cuddly fabric, which, thanks to its specially adapted weave, does not absorb any dog hair. 

This award-winning dog bed is perfect for indoor and outdoor use and is much lighter than expected due to the aluminum frame.

Believe us, it's just plain convenient even for humans.

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